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Welcome to Anna McDonald School

Welcome to Anna McDonald School. Anna McDonald is located at 200 Second Street in Manhattan, IL.  Anna McDonald School services 450+ students in grades 3 through 5.  

Students receive a well-rounded education in a learning environment that promotes excellence in student learning, behavior, and character.  In addition to the core subject offerings of language arts, math, reading, science, and social studies, students receive instruction in art, music, physical education, computer science, and library science.  Additional student services are available in the areas of speech and language therapy, special education, reading support, social work, occupational and physical therapy, and psychological assistance.

School district extracurricular activities include, but aren’t limited to beginning band, orchestra, and student council (5th grade).

Anna McDonald is one of three schools in the Manhattan #114 School District.  We employ 40+ staff members to meet the needs of the students we service.  School hours are 8:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.  Feel free to contact us by email ( or phone (815-478-3310x4) to answer any questions you might have regarding our school.

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3rd Grade Mr. Galassi 

3rd Grade Mrs. Abbott

3rd Grade Mrs. Horwath

3rd Grade Ms. Stanfa

3rd Grade Ms. Podgorny

3rd Grade Mrs. Paskauskas

4th Grade Mrs. Najewski

4th Grade Mrs. Frazier

4th Grade Ms. Hon

4th Grade Mrs. Snipes

4th Grade Ms. Squires

4th Grade Mrs. Gilbert

5th Grade Mrs. Davern

5th Grade Mrs. Tucker

5th Grade Mrs. Kijewski

5th Grade Mrs. Rodriguez

5th Grade Mrs. Dolezal

5th Grade Ms. Lamont 


Manhattan School District 114 - Where We Succeed Toegther

Kindness Certified School

TreeRing Green Yearbook School

Congratulations Manhattan on this wonderful achievement! Number 2 Elementary School in Will County concluding 2015-16 school year.

Anna McDonald Number 2 Elementary School in Will County

2017 STAR Reward Assembly

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